Although the temperatures are currently nice and warm in many areas in the United States, winter is coming. Whether you want to pamper yourself with a relaxing massage or replenish much-needed moisture to your skin, these spa treatments will help you feel like a new person. Warm up this winter with these top 5 spa treatments.

1. Hot Stone Massage

A hot stone massage is a perfect way to warm up this winter. Used in combination with warm oils, during this type of massage hot stones are placed strategically on the body to promote deep muscle relaxation, soften tissues and melts away stress. It can also help alleviate both chronic and acute muscle pain and stiffness.

2. Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial

Although most spa treatments have been traditionally geared toward women, guys need pampering too! Therefore, some of the best spas in the country are developing spa experiences just for men. A Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial is the perfect way to pamper your man this winter. It is specially formulated for men to help soften and smooth skin roughened by razor burn or time spent outdoors.

3. Exfoliating Full-Body Polish

Get rid of sandpaper legs and dry pasty winter skin with a full-body exfoliating polish. Dry, dull skin is buffed away using a combination of natural exfoliating sugars and oils. The sugar scrub exfoliates and polishes skin while the oils hydrate and heal. Exfoliation is helpful in drawing impurities out of the skin and leaving skin soft and smooth. A relaxing neck or scalp massage is often given with this treatment for the ultimate pampering experience. The scalp massage helps condition and lubricate the scalp, reducing winter scalp dryness.

4. Sports Massage

As winter approaches, many people are eager to strap on skis and hit the slopes. Most people who participate in winter sports do not engage in this level of activity on a regular basis. Therefore, they are not prepared for the level of stress they put on their bodies. As a result, many end up with muscle soreness or even a more serious injury. A sports massage is the perfect solution. Sports massage therapists use special compression and stretching techniques to help prevent sports injury and aid in recovery.

5. Anti-Aging Facial

As you get older, your skin loses its elasticity, becoming drier and thinner. Winter can wreak havoc on tender, aging skin, causing significant dryness and even cracking and bleeding of the skin. An anti-aging facial can help older skin stay supple and hydrated year-round. These facials deliver antioxidants and anti-aging enzymes to leave winter-ravaged skin glowing and silky smooth.

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