Have you ever gotten a facial? Facials are delectable and unbelievably relaxing. But facials do more than just help you relax or get rid of your blackheads. Here are just a few of the benefits that facials provide:

Healthier skin

The most obvious benefit of getting a facials is it improves the health of your skin. However, a facial does not just clear up acne; it also helps to hydrate your skin. A facial removes pollutants and replaces them with vitamin A and E, keeping your skin looking supple and young. Facials can also make your pores smaller, making them less prone to gathering acne-causing debris and dirt.

Improves circulation & reduces congestion

The steam from the facial opens up the blood vessels, allowing for better blood flow that reinvigorates your skin. The steam also benefits people with congested sinuses because the warm steam helps to open up your sinuses. In addition, when an esthetician applies pressure to your face, it helps to release pressure caused by congestion.

Lowers stress & relieves tension

Stress and cortisol, the hormone that it produces, are not good for your body. Because facials are quite calming and relaxing, they reduce stress naturally and eliminate the accompanying health risks.

When your facial muscles tense up, you are more likely to end up with wrinkles, which will make you age prematurely. All that you need to do to ease this tension is have a facial for one to two minutes per day. However, the length of time that a facial massage requires depends on your skin type. Oily and acne-prone skin does better with less than 10 minutes of facials. If you have dry to normal skin, it is best to keep your facials below 20 minutes.

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