Jump Start Your Fitness Goals This Spring
Spring is almost upon us. Now’s the time for spring cleaning, shedding layers of heavy clothes and getting ready for the warmer weather. Spring is also a good time to recharge your workout routines and toss out unhealthy winter habits. Here are some fitness tips from personal trainers at Matrix Fitness & Spa to help you get in shape for spring.

Schedule Fitness into Your Day
If you haven’t been working out much this winter, it can be hard to work it into your daily routine. Developing a fitness schedule is an easy way to make fitness a part of your busy day. Use the calendar app on your smartphone and set up a notification to remind you of your fitness plans in advance.

Get Prepared
Make it a habit of preparing your gym bag in advance. Prep your gym bag with workout clothing and high-protein snacks. That way you can just stop at the gym on your way home from work. Being prepared takes away some of the barriers that keep people from exercising by making it more convenient to work out and keep you on track.

Help Your Body Heal
If you haven’t worked out in a while, your body is probably not quite ready for an increase in activity level. Increasing your activity level will lead to sore, achy muscles. Sore muscles are a natural effect of starting a new workout routine. One of the best ways to prepare your body and reduce muscle aches and pains is with massage. Getting a massage before ramping out your fitness level will help your muscles become more flexible, reducing the likelihood of injury. It will also reduce muscle pain and tightness after an intense workout.

Consider Personal Training
If you are starting a new fitness routine this spring or want to increase your activity level to prepare for spring break, it is a good idea to meet with a personal trainer. A personal trainer can develop a workout plan to help you achieve your goals whether they include getting your body bikini-ready by summer or training for a marathon. A personal trainer can also ensure that you are doing exercises correctly, which will help you get the most benefit from them as well as reduce the risk of injury.

Take a Class
A fitness/groupex class is a great way to get fit this spring. Besides having the support of enthusiastic instructors and energetic peers, these classes are fun and engaging. Some of the best fitness classes for getting a summer-ready body include:

Yoga: Increases both strength and flexibility
TRX: Helps develop flexibility, core strength and balance.
Cycle or Spin: These are great classes as you can modify the bike’s settings to your fitness and comfort level. The instructors often play fun, upbeat music to keep you energized.

These fitness tips from Matrix Fitness and Spa will help you get a head start on your fitness goals this spring.

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