Jenn is a Colorado native who grew up in Monument. Her hobbies include everything from hiking, backpacking, basketball, soccer, and fishing to tai chi, and even kung fu!

Fitness and nutrition have always been vital to her. After receiving her B.S. in Biology from the University of Colorado Denver she went on to attain her M.S. in Nutrition and Human Performance at Logan University.

In addition to her degree, Jenn is also certified in:

  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Holistic Life Coach – Spencer Institute
  • First Aid/ CPR/AED Certified

Her passion for personal training is driven by her need to help people achieve and maintain a healthy lifestyle that allows them to do all of the activities they love while providing them with a life of longevity and happiness.

“Everyone can benefit from a trainer because they provide extra accountability, knowledge, and safety instruction,” said Jenn.

Her passion for nutrition is evident in the way she lives her own life. Jen says diet is essential because it fuels your exercise, recovery time, and aids in everyday activities.  

“You are what you eat,” she says.

Jenn trains small groups of 2-3 people in the mornings and evenings. Her personal training technique specializes in weight loss, muscle building, strength and endurance training and overall body toning so if you’re up for the challenge, Jenn will be waiting for you!  

What’s her advice?

“Set realistic goals that are achievable. It is easier to stick to a program when small victories are regularly reached. Track your progress!”

Space is limited so come by and meet with her today!  

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