The spa is a haven where you can unwind, enjoy yourself and come out feeling youthful and vibrant. In fact, many spas have such a wide range of soothing services that you can sometimes feel overwhelmed by the number of options. But there is no need to stress! You can get the most out of a day at the spa; you just have to know which kind of each service is best for you.


The Spa at Matrix offers several kinds of massages, each conducive to relaxation and overall health. The Swedish massage is probably what comes to mind when you think of massages and is great for first timers. The deep tissue massage takes it a step further. Tending to the deepest layers of your muscles and tendons, the deep tissue massage releases chronic tension while reducing stress and heart rate.

Then there is the hot stone massage. The hot stones placed along key points on your body help expand blood vessels and increase blood flow. Wielding the smooth stones as they would their own hands, massage therapists can help reduce stiffness, stress and pain while helping improve metabolism. The heat also helps you focus on the here and now so that you are conscious of the positive changes happening throughout your body.

There are also specialized massages. The sports massage focuses on areas often overworked by athletes and other active people. The intent can be to recuperate or prevent injuries. Your massage therapist may also focus on more particular areas, depending on the sports and activities you are involved in. Also, prenatal massages focus on weight-bearing joints in order to relieve aches and pains common during pregnancy.


There are several kinds of facials available that can help bring more blood and nutrients to the face, making for a more youthful look. Our signature facial is customized to your specific skin type and addresses issues such as premature aging, moisture deprived skin, acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, and more. The anti-aging facial is most common for people 40 and older but works perfectly for anyone whose face is showing signs of maturity. Anti-aging facials typically include collagen masks and serums with Vitamin C and hyaluronic acid. The purpose is to exfoliate and nourish skin while keeping it hydrated. A chemical peel can also be used to remove outer layers of damaged skin. And facials aren’t just for women. The Spa at Matrix offers the Gentleman’s Hot Towel Facial, specially designed for the special skin care needs of men.

A microdermabrasion is a facial that removes the topmost layer of dead and dry skin cells through safe, non-chemical practices. The result is a fresh and rejuvenated face. Building on this idea is the dermaplane, in which a professional uses a scalpel to remove dead skin.


No day at the spa would be complete without a nice wax to remove unwanted hair from your face, chest, back, arms and legs. You can also get a bikini or Brazilian wax to clean up those sensitive spots best entrusted to a gentle, precise professional.

We offer Spa Club memberships and package deals that allow you to enjoy multiple services at a discounted price. For more information on these services or to make an appointment contact Matrix Fitness and Spa today.

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