Tricks for Eating Better

Do you want to eat better? These strategies can help make good nutrition a bit easier to achieve. Make vegetables and fruit convenient. If you open the fridge and the first things you see are carrot and cucumber sticks, there’s a good chance those are the snacks you...

The Foundation of Exercise: Learning From Your Body

Often times when we want to get in shape, we think that simply doing some basic weight lifting or going for runs are all we need, and in a strict sense, that is mostly true. The problem, however, is that most of us have gotten so out of touch with our bodies that we...
Meet Jenn Rodriguez!

Meet Jenn Rodriguez!

Jenn is a Colorado native who grew up in Monument. Her hobbies include everything from hiking, backpacking, basketball, soccer, and fishing to tai chi, and even kung fu! Fitness and nutrition have always been vital to her. After receiving her B.S. in Biology from the...
Peloton Indoor Bike App is all the Rage

Peloton Indoor Bike App is all the Rage

If you haven’t downloaded the peloton bike app on your favorite smart device yet, you may be missing out! Whether you favor working out alone or in a group setting, this app, hailed by Forbes Magazine as the “Netflix of the workout world,” offers you a unique cycling...

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