Many people think massage won’t help unless you get them on a regular basis, but that is not true. While your schedule might not allow for regular massages, just one 80-minute massage can have a significant effect on your health. Here are five reasons why an 80-minute massage is great for your body and spirit.

Helps You Reduce Stress
The stress of life’s daily hassles – long daily commutes, tight deadlines and the demands of parenting can cause the hormone cortisol to build up in your body over time. Cortisol is a stress hormone and having levels of it in the body is associated with headaches, sleep problems, and even weight gain. Massage lowers levels of cortisol in the body. Researchers from the Emory University School of Medicine studied the effect of Swedish massage on cortisol levels. They found that longer Swedish massage resulted in a significant reduction of cortisol in the body.

Great for Pain Relief
Whether you are recovering from an injury or suffering from arthritis, an 80- minute massage is a perfect way to help your body heal. A longer massage is ideal for pain relief as it gives the therapist more time to relieve deep muscle pain and stiffness. During an 80-minute massage, the therapist will have plenty of time to manipulate the deep layers of muscle tissue. Massage can help relieve neck tension, upper and lower back pain and release tight muscles in the arms and legs.

Promotes a Deep State of Relaxation
An 80-minute massage provides plenty of time to disconnect from daily life and truly relax. For nearly an hour and a half, you can totally forget about outside stresses and tough decisions. Not only that, the therapeutic effects of a massage often last long after the massage has ended.

Might Just Help With Respiratory Issues
Respiratory problems can have many causes: asthma, allergies and even stress. When people are under stress, they tend to take shallow, short breaths rather than long, natural breaths. Respiratory issues of any kind can make it almost impossible to relax. Massage can help train the body to relax and improve breathing. In fact, massage can be helpful for those that have respiratory problems, according to research. An 80-minute massage is ideal in this situation as it provides plenty of time for the therapist to work on releasing tension in the respiratory accessory muscles located at the front and back of the upper body. These muscles often become shortened, which can lead to respiratory issues. A massage therapist can help lengthen and relax these muscles, thus improving breathing functioning and breathing capacity.

Do you want to experience lasting relaxation, improved mood and stress relief? Then consider an 80-minute massage. This is the perfect length of massage to help with many conditions. To learn more about 80-minute massage therapy, call The Spa at Matrix at 303.863.7770.

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