Back pain is a more common fitness issue than you might think, especially for those that spend a lot of time sitting behind a desk at work. In order to reduce the pain that you feel in your back, it’s important that you strengthen your core. By doing so, you’ll reduce the amount of strain that you put on your back. Here are five core exercises that can help you prevent back pain:

1. The arm and leg reach.

Position yourself into the tabletop position, arranging your knees so that they’re lined up under your hips, and then place your hands right under your shoulders. Keep your spine neutral so that your back isn’t sinking down or raised up. Lift your right hand and lengthen your arm so that it reaches in front of you. Then, lift your left foot and lengthen your leg so that it reaches behind you. Return to your tabletop position and switch sides.

2. The spinal twist.

This exercise will open up your middle spine. This will help to create stability in your lower spine as well as mobility in your middle spine, which will go a long way in helping to prevent back pain. Begin by laying down on the ground on one side. Bring your knees up towards your chest keeping your arms reached out in front of you so that they are stacked on one another. Then, take your top arm and open it up to the other side, thereby twisting your upper body while keeping your knees in place on the other side. Your arms should make a ‘T’ shape on the floor. Make sure to do this on both sides.

3. The leg lift.

Lay down on your back and place a rolled up towel underneath your lower back. Raise your neck then raise one leg straight up into the air. Bring it down without letting it touch the ground while raising the other leg at the same time. Keep alternating and make sure you keep your core engaged as you do this.

4. The plank twist.

Come into a plank position, which is the beginning of a push-up position. Your hands should be directly under your shoulders and your heels should stretch out behind you. Raise your right leg and bring your knee up to where your right elbow is. Then, twist to open while keeping your left leg straight. Repeat on each side.

5. The forearm plank reach.

Come into a plank position as you lower yourself down onto your elbows. If you spread your feet a bit, you can create more stability in this position. Reach your right arm forward without moving your hips. Your hips should remain parallel to the ground. Keep alternating from one arm to the next; this will help to activate your core as you move into different positions.

Be sure to perform these five exercises in order to strengthen your core and to prevent back pain from occurring. For more information or to make an appointment contact Matrix Fitness and Spa today.

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