For many people, fat loss is elusive. No matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to lose fat. Fortunately, we can learn effective fat-loss strategies from the experts. Here are the top strategies recommended by some of the top personal trainers in the Denver area. Incorporate these things into your daily life and you will soon be shedding fat.

#1 Start with Your Kitchen

Fat loss starts in your kitchen. In order to effectively burn fat, you must change your eating habits. If you keep junk food in your kitchen, you will be more likely to eat it. Most people don’t leave their house when a craving hits, they find all the junk food that they need right in their kitchen. Instead of keeping unhealthy snacks on-hand, stock your fridge with these items:

Protein: Turkey, hard-boiled eggs, chicken and low-fat cheese all provide the energy that you need to burn fat.

Fresh fruits and Vegetables: Cut these up and put them in snack-size containers to have on-hand when you want a snack. Pair protein with fresh vegetables. This will help you feel full for a long time.

Green Tea: Research has found that one of the compounds in green tea increases resting metabolism and stimulates fat-burning. When you are in the mood for something warm, just brew a cup of hot green tea.

#2 Use Your Fat to Burn Fat

Here is a little secret that many personal trainers know: You can use your fat to burn more fat. How can that be? Not all body fat is the same. Your body contains two types of fat: brown and white. Brown fat contains a large number of mitochondria that contain iron. This fat gets its name from its brownish appearance produced by the iron. It is usually located in the upper back and neck. Brown fat burns calories to generate heat. You get brown fat by exercising. Exercise converts unhelpful white fat to brown fat, helping the body burn more calories and get rid of more of the unhealthy white fat. Therefore, aim to exercise at least five days a week.

#3 Practice Yoga

Many people mistakenly believe that yoga involves nothing more than lying on the floor with a pillow under your back. Yoga offers an incredible opportunity to can change your body. This 5,000-year-old practice involves a lot more than just stretching; that is why it remains so popular to this day. Personal Trainers at Matrix Fitness & Spa say that yoga has the potential to build serious muscle and helps to boost your metabolism. Regularly practicing yoga can result in a significant amount of fat loss. Not only that, but the meditation aspect of yoga also works on the mind to help you feel more relaxed.

Want to learn more about how to get the weight off at last? Visit Matrix Fitness and Spa today!

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